About Graces


Our aim at Graces is to bring customers, locally sourced, fresh, high quality produce from local farmers, whilst offering the same convenience as shopping at your local supermarket. 

 We believe that we offer great service, better quality produce, whilst remaining competitive on price.


We hope you will find a reasonable saving, compared to the supermarket chains, that pay rock bottom prices to the farmers.

Our products are sourced from local farmers and businesses, purchased at a fair price. You can follow the link above to "meet our suppliers". We are confident if you choose to do a little investigating, you will find our produce is as fresh as possible, and all meat products are from free range, cruelty free sources.


This is the way farming should be done, no battery hens, and no compromise on  animal welfare. All the farmers that supply our shop take great pride in caring for their animals, and when the time comes, they are humanely dispatched- we do not supply Halal meat.